Photography & personal blog of FirmSite’s lead designer, James Hughes.


About thisClient

CuruXz is run by Firmsites lead designer & developer, James Hughes. A father to two young boys and a keen photographer. Using our web platform to showcase his personal photographs and musings on life, James loves also to share snippets of his life through a lens.

Having been interested in photography for a few years, he started finding interesting subjects to capture, astrophotography & landscape being his main focus. His handle ‘CuruXz’ comes from a life-long obsession with gaming, spending many nights playing an assortment of computer games with his wife Angela.

About ThisProject

One of the key things that separates FirmSites from our competitors is that all of our staff actively use our service for their own websites. This means that not only are we extremely experienced with setting up WordPress sites, but we also live with them day to day and understand how difference choices in configuration and plugins can effect the ease of use and efficiency of management.

This project was always going to be primarily about the photography, so the design needed to be simple & clean. The hardest choice in setting up the CuruXz site was deciding on the balance between the quality of the images and the load time, hopefully we have achieved this by providing stunning high resolution images in a quick loading website.

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