Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

Arguably the most cost effective form of online advertising is PPC, that works by displaying adverts for your website with targeted search terms. There are many competing platforms for PPC, but by far, Google Adwords is the biggest and most cost effective. FirmSites is a certified Adwords Agency, ideally placed to set up and manage a professional campaign for you.

Not Tracking? You’re Wasting Money

Unlike traditional print advertising, PPC’s biggest advantage is the ability to precisely track which adverts are generating leads & sales. Without this information you are literally throwing money away and is one of the main disadvantages in buying services like Adwords from Google direct or via an Adwords Agency. FirmSites not only understands Adwords/PPC but also how your website works and will ensure tracking is correctly set up & working.

Campaigns to Suit Any Budget

We work with businesses of all shapes and sizes and can deliver a flexible campaign that works with your budget. Let us demonstrate that even after costs, our campaigns have a better return on investment (ROI) than print advertising, or buying adverts directly with either Adwords or Facebook.

Email Marketing

Email is still one the most cost effective ways to grab your customer’s attention and drive repeat business. We offer an email newsletter package that along with support for popular services such as Mailchimp, can be integrated with your website. For marketing directly to customers, we can work with your business to design, send and manage entire email campaigns.

Social Media Marketing

Social media can be an invaluable tool for businesses to engage with their customers and reach new markets, but choosing the right social media can be a minefield. Trends and techniques change frequently in this highly dynamic market, so for you to stay ahead in all the latest developments can be costly and time consuming. That’s where we come in, by allowing FirmSites to manage your social media we can help you both plan and execute the most relevant social media campaigns to your demographics with differing levels of service suitable for all budgets.

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